Less Than Worthless

Hey Heifer,

You worthless, excrementitious, sack of wobbly, baloney wrapped, rotten meat.

What makes you think it's ok to abandon your children? What makes you think it's ok to only give a fuck about your selfish needs, while everyone else takes care of your kids' lives because you blatantly refuse?

Was it not enough to figure out your boys miss you when they asked to make up the 10 days you were gone? The only answer you gave them is that you haven't done that in the past.

You diseased cow.

Guess what? Your eldest told me I was right. Disappointment was smeared all over his little face. My heart was stretched, torn, and disassembled.

Normally, after these trips, you would keep them for two extra Saturdays, but this time your "short trip" wasn't enough for you to do any of that extra bullshit, because you've got shit to do, and expect us to assume the regular schedule without even bothering to ask.

You pathetic pile of flaming garbage.

Oh, you have plans this Saturday night? It's ok, we'll take them in. Better for them to be in a clean home where they're wanted anyway.

You can keep your important plans. You can keep your ill fitting, barely there outfits from the juniors department, that accentuate your diaper clad looking rump. You can keep your fake confidence. You can keep your lies. You can keep stuffing your wrinkly face with frozen pizza and double burgers. You can keep telling the world about your delusions in personal growth.

But you'll still be alone and miserable in the end.



Author: heyheiferblog

Quiet screams if a resentful stepmum.

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