Everything and Nothing

Hey Heifer,

All those sneakers you buy won’t make you cool.

All those clothes you buy won’t make you fashionable.

All the selfies you take and shop won’t make you attractive.

All the quotes you post won’t make you smart.

All the crystals you buy won’t make you mystical.

All the tarot you “read” won’t help with your disposition.

All the fast food you eat won’t make you skinny.

All those Barre classes won’t make you desirable.

All those naked pictures you pay for won’t fool the fool that chooses to see you naked in person.

All those movies you watch on repeat for decades won’t bring back your youth.

All that sunbathing you love won’t reverse the blatant damage you’ve already done.

All the alcohol you drink won’t make you seem less of a loser.

All the music you listen to based on who you want to attract at the moment won’t grow you a soul.

All your new lingo won’t make you less white and old.

All the shit you buy your kids won’t make them love you more when they get older (unless they think the relationship you have with your mother is solid, ha!).

All the lies you tell yourself won’t add up to reality no matter how much you try.



Author: heyheiferblog

Quiet screams if a resentful stepmum.

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