Literally Losing

Hey Heifer,

Your kids now have silver capped teeth because they don’t remember the last time they picked up a toothbrush at your piss palace.

You’ve taken a bath every fucking day for the past two weeks while your children walked around dirty from the Wednesday mornings they left our home, until Sundays, when they came back. Probably because you slither your mounds of flabby flesh into the tub during their bath time. Probably because when they ask you to take a bath, you say no – they’ve told us.

In the past week you’ve gotten really into hip hop and hip hop culture. So, does that mean you’re no longer into new age metal? Is it because your new 20-something crush is no longer a white boy? Is it because your need to impress this new dude overrides the shitty tattoos and “metal mama” image you’ve been steadily curating? Did you clean up your “shoe collection”, to only display your trainers to impress this new someone who, like the others, will use you for discounts at your work, and find someone actually worth a damn to go after?

You look stupid. You look desperate. You are still neglecting your kids.

How about sending them to a literary parade at their school and mispelling one of their characters on a fucking sash you threw on him? The same parade you didn’t even show up to, because you were too busy taking selfies. And then you had the balls to post that you found out about their need for costumes at 10:30pm the night before? Hi, the paperwork was sent out two weeks ago. And also, why the fuck were the kids up 2.5hrs past their bed time?

Oh yeah, I know! Because you still don’t give a fuck about anything or anyone outside of your lumpy, wrinkled ass.



Author: heyheiferblog

Quiet screams if a resentful stepmum.

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